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Crane Operator & Rigger Training for Certification - For Construction & General Industry

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July 13 & 14 Saturday & Sunday Class from 10 am - 4 pm
Beginners Rigging Class  

Registration closed - 
please call direct for info 781-2152

Basic definition of a Rigger: 
The rigger assesses structures, materials and locations for rigging requirements and works closely with the crane operator/hoisting machine operator to determine the safest possible options.  Riggers decide how to attach things like pulleys and blocks onto overhead beams, ceilings or gin pole booms with bolts and clamps. They may need to build supporting structures or rigs using hand and power tools.  Riggers are in charge of calculating the load bearing capacity of structures for rigging cable and hardware and sometimes preparing sketches or blueprints of different rigging techniques. The rigger is usually in charge of arranging the delivery of materials and equipment, and the returning of items when they are no longer needed. 

What types of industries/career fields rig and personnel require rigger certification? 
Ship Repair Industries ● Construction ● Long-shoring ● Utilities (Electric, Phone, Cable & Water) ● Landscaping ● Roofing ● Plumbing ● Building Maintenance ● Manufacturing Plants ● Power Plants ● Wastewater Facilities ● Roads Maintenance ● Steel Erection & Welding ● Oil Refineries ● Rail Transit & Transportation ● Elevator Maintenance and Installation ● HVAC Repair and Installation ● Solar Technology & Wind Turbines Installations and Repairs ● Etc

2 day Basic Crane Rigging Training and Certification workshop 
1 weekend only for beginners 
and working personnel seeking formal training and certification


A 12 hour weekend class:  Understand rigging safety rules and regulations, basic rigging calculations, the basic use of rigging equipment, learn how to tie effective knots and hitches and understand their uses. Basic practical demonstrations using wire rope, chain hoist, shackles and rope will be performed. Meet requirements for Rigger Competent Person required when working with lifting equipment including cranes, excavators, chain hoists, tying or securing a load in all types of industry work.  

12 hour class with ample breaks 


Location will be held at field office in Kapolei, classroom location to be determined via email confirmation.
Depending on weather conditions, the instructor reserves the right to change training location. 

Cost for class: $195 
Test fees included, Certificate & Carrying Card included, and training material.
Training meets OSHA rigging competent person and United States Army Corp of Engineers EM385-1-1 requirements

Special discount price for these class dates

$195.00 per training candidate all fees included


Payment for class is made only online in advance before (Seating limited) 

If there is a problem with this type of arrangement due to not having a credit or debit card, please call direct 781-2152

No cash at the door payments will be accepted

for more information send email to
or Call 808~375~6619

Our previous students work an array of companies from Hawaiian Electric, BAE Shipyard, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, NAVFAC Public Works, Hawaiian Dredging, Mechanical Companies, Welding Companies, Landscaping and other types of companies.

qualified riggerYoung Brothers, Ltd., USCG Hawaii, US ARMY Dive Fort Shafter, Ultimate Innovations, UH Hawaii SOEST, Tropical Rain & Gutter, Triton Marine, Toryís Roofing, The Tree People, Tesoro Hawaii Corp., Takano Nakamura Landscaping, T&T Equipment, StrongArm Equipment, Siuís Electric, S&G Construction, Puna Geothermal Venture, Pukiki Tree, Precision Truss, LLC, Paulís Electric, Paradise Landscape Maintenance, Pacific Shipyard International, Onipaa Crane, Okada Trucking, LLC, Oceanic Companies, Inc., Oahu Crane Service, Nova Group, Nan Inc., Mikes Backhoe Service, Maui County, Marisco Shipyard, Leis Mechanical, K-Sea Transportation Partners, LP, Kamaaina Crane, Jensen Precast, Island Mechanical Corporation, Iron Workers Union, Imua Landscaping, Honsador Lumber, Honolulu Shipyard International, Hi Tech Roofing, Hawaiian Electric Company, Ltd, Hawaii State Department of Transportation, Hawaii Labor Union Local # 368, Harvey Brother, LLC, Haku Crane, Green Thumb Landscaping, Glenís Flowers, Glads Landscaping, Commercial Roofing and Waterproofing, Inc., Coastal Construction, City & County of Honolulu, Choice Fence, Certified Construction, Carrier Commercial Hawaii, C&S Welding, Bodell Construction, Bobs Equipment, Board of Water Supply, Beylik Drilling and Pump Service, BAE Shipyard, Associated Steel, Arial Truss, Apex Truss, Abhe & Svoboda,  AND MUCH MOREÖ

All of our instructors are trained and documented qualified by the Department of Defense, Licensed instructors by the State of Hawaii Department of Education, College degrees from the University of Hawaii regarding the subject matter, Certified Crane Operators and Qualified Riggers with 40+ years experience in the field of Lifting & Weight
Handling operations.  Experience ranging from light construction to lifting and handling nuclear fuel for the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.  LHS instructors are qualified evaluators and meet all Federal Standards and requirements with Federal Government documentation of all qualifications and experience.  Program has been reviewed by HIOSH and an approved course by the Hawaii Department of Education and LHS VTAC is approve by the Hawaii Department of Labor Workforce Development Act. Crane & Rigging training as a private company in Hawaii since 2002.



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